In this post I wanted to outline 10 symptoms of pregnancy, none of which involve missing a period.

Why bleeding before period is a question expectant mothers often ask, but there are many other ways that can provide an incline into whether your pregnant or not.


1. Tenderness of the Breast

Pregnancy induced hormonal changes cause the breasts to become more sensitive.

2. Nausea and Vomiting

The feeling of what many people call ‘morning sickness’ can last all day.

3. Fatigued Feeling


Fatigue in early pregnancy is quite common. This is most likely caused by the increased metabolic requirements of the body.

4. Change in Appetite

The cravings for odd combination of foods or non-food items

5 .Changes in Body Temperature

If the egg meets the sperm and gets fertilized, the increase of the body temperature continues being maintained.

6. Frequent Urination

The major reason for this symptom is the increased blood volume. Due to that, the frequent urination appears.

7. Change in sense of taste

They complain of having a metallic taste in their mouth.



Enlarging uterus compresses major vessels in the legs causing a reduction in the blood pressure this cause dizziness.

9. Constipation

Pregnancy hormones are known to decrease bowel functions to increase the absorption time of nutrients and vitamins.

10. Sluggishness

HCG raise the amount of progesterone circulating in the body and the body temperature goes higher ultimately causing sluggishness.


Perfect clothing is an essential part of a modern woman’s life hence you need to remain abreast with the best ladies clothing tips. This short article shares with you some of the most insightful ideas to help you revolutionize your wardrobe.

Make room for the new

Create room for the new by releasing the old clothes that may be wasting storage space in your wardrobe and making it messy.

Dress up faster

Dressing up should not take forever. So, sharpen your fashion instinct by embracing ladies tips for clothing that will allow you to dress up faster and cutely.

womens-trench-coatsTrench coat image courtesy of –

Limit your budget

Unless you receive your clothes from a donor agent, draft a budget. Do some window shopping and look for any ongoing offers, promotions, and discounts that will give you more value for your money.

Experiment with new ideas

To benefit from the best ladies clothing tips, open your mind to learn more because fashion is dynamic and better things are always coming up.


4 Simple Steps To Organizing The Perfect Kids Party……

It was our youngest Sarah’s birthday at the weekend and guess what? She wanted a party! A themed party with some very specific requirements!

Working full time and with the date looming I was a little concerned at my lack of preparation! Fortunately I managed to pull it off and Sarah and her 20 friends seemed to have a really good time.

Fortunately I enlisted the help of children’s parties Cardiff, but for those who are determined to do all the organizing themselves…..

Here are four steps that will enable you to organize a perfect party for kids:

Step 1: Determine what the kids want

Find out what your kids want for the party to make it up to them. For instance, what do the kids want to have during the party?

Step 2: Determine who will attend the party

If the party will bring together kids and their parents or relatives, make sure that you have separate locations for the guests.

Step 3: Get gifts for the kids 

Perhaps, it is a birthday party. In that case, get a gift for the kid that’s celebrating his/her birthday. A gift can be a toy, goodies or cakes to be enjoyed by all kids during the party. Make sure that every guest gets something that will make them happy.


Step 4: Let the party begin 

Start the party with a warm up activity for the kid. Decorate kids, engage in scavenger hunting or play music that kids like.

At the end of the party, make sure that everyone carries something home. This can be a ribbon or a sticker to remind them of the kids’ party.



What Is Chronic Blushing & How Can It Be Cured?

You have seen people blush. Perhaps you have blushed, once or twice yourself?

We all know how it feels-whether from just receiving a compliment, emotional stress or embarrassment.

Probably worse than blushing itself is knowing everybody else is seeing the physical evidence of your discomfort that inconveniently functions to redden your face further.

It is thought that constant blushing is a severe problem for about 5% of people.

The effects may be devastating. Chronic blushing ( Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema) is not the normal blushing we are used seeing on movies and TV.

Chronic blushing isn’t only a physical problem, but it’s also a psychological one. For example, in the year 2012, 20-year old one student in Washington found the effects of blushing so debilitating that he opted to commit suicide.


Chronic Blushing: Solutions

There are different options available for blushers, depending upon the cause and severity. Cognitive behavioral therapy may help eliminate stressful and unwanted thoughts, green-color corrective makeup (used to counteract the red), breathing techniques used to induce calm, and medications like SSRIs and beta blockers for those people who blush because of social anxiety.


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10 Tricks To Survive Hot Summer Nights

Summer is here – when the days are filled with activity and the nights are… hot and sticky. Here are some warm weather sleep tips to help you sleep well through the summer, and enjoy a deep, restorative sleep.

· Wash sheets often, especially after particularly sultry nights.

· Take a cool bath before bedtime.

· Get up earlier so you can take advantage of the cool mornings. We do not like to work or exercise when we are too hot.

· Change your sheets to cotton rather than satin or non absorbent material. This will be more comfortable if you sweat.

· Uncover your feet. If your feet are hot you tend to feel hotter.

· Open the window and the bedroom door to create a breeze.

· An ice pack on the back of your knees or a cool damp cloth on the back of your neck is great ways to stay cool.

· Keep to your normal bed time to stay cool.

· Remember to drink your water during the day to avoid getting dehydrated.

· Limit intake of foods that contain a lot of water such as watermelon, and beer late at night.

The summer can create some challenges when it comes to sleeping. It is important if we want to take advantage of all the great weather that we take the time we need to get the sleep our body wants.

And if all the above fail, you could always consider getting AC installed – which was exactly what we had to do – it’s hot in Australia you know! Special thanks to the boys at Snowman evaporative cooling installation in Melbourne for an excellent job done!

Save Money

Everyone wants to save money, especially when you have a family and other people to take care of. If you’ve seen the show: “Extreme Couponing”: on TV you might either be motivated to start or you might be encouraged to do more seeing how these coupon queens on TV can manage to get away with grocery shopping worth hundreds of dollars absolutely free. Most people who are into coupons, get the printed versions from newspapers and magazines, but seeing that print media is dwindling because of the growing use of the internet, there are coupon sites with c great offers on the web.

There are lots of coupon sites on the web as well as apps that make finding deals and discounts easier. There is a large number of these sites, but only a few that are great at delivering what you need.  Here is a video on how to get and use printable coupons.

Here are five of the best couponing sites:


This is one of the earliest couponing sites. It is one of the three older sites that new and upcoming sites often refer to because it lists deals and discounts faster. The downside is that is a U.S. only site, so all the deals and discounts will be at U.S based retailers.

#2. Smart Source

This is the second oldest site that feeds data to other smaller websites. When you go to this site and enter your zip code, it will show you the deals in your particular area. You can print the coupons and use the at your local stores

#3. ValPak

This is another site that lists coupons based on your zip code. It works like those local circulars people used to get in their community papers. Unfortunately, community papers are also becoming extinct because of the Internet.

#4. Retail Me Not

Couponing has evolved with technology. Now, instead of printing and cutting out a coupon, you can get a coupon code on specials at various stores. Retail Me Not offers codes as coupons, you can decide which one you prefer, however, a lot of retailers are jumping on the coupon code wagon so, it is good to find a site like this to help you make the transition as well.

#5. Slick Deals

This is an active forum with members who share their experience as well as information on deals. If a coupon deal or a promo code is worth the trouble, members will give it a thumb up or a thumb down. The deals that appear on the site are the ones that have been approved by members.
Couponing is no longer restricted to groceries. There are deals and promos for clothing, computers, furniture, electrical appliances and virtually anything that is sold online or at your local retail store.


Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Yep, Halloween is coming guys and we need to prepare for it. But carving a pumpkin and creating a complex Halloween costume is difficult for kids to do.  There are still lots of crafts that kids can do to get ready for Halloween.  Decorating is almost as much fun as going out trick or treating.

Glue pom-poms to a pumpkin

There is no need for you to hold a knife in your hands to make the pumpkin look scary. With some tacky glue and 1/4 – 1/2 inch pom-poms you can glue the pom-poms on the pumpkin to make any shape you want. It would be best if you purchased many different colors so you have lots of options, although, the one color that suits the occasion best is black of course!

Walkie-talkie pumpkin

Assuming an adult has already carved a pumpkin in shape already, you can easily put a little walkie-talkie in there. Do you imagine what you can do with it? Put the pumpkin near the pavement and SHOUT to every passenger that comes by! You can also try laughing to give them the chills down their spines too! Probably the best idea to try out for Halloween. Just don’t try doing that to old people!

Paint a pumpkin

Featuring the classic, spooky-scary pumpkins again, painting a pumpkin is actually easier than gluing pom-poms to it. Simply choose a pumpkin that has a mostly even surface, clean it, and then apply acrylic paint. It could help if you cut the shape you want to paint on paper with scissors. That way you will not make mistakes easily and you will get exactly the result you want.

Easy as that! Just make sure you put some newspapers below the pumpkin and around. so that your things stay the same color!

Parchment paper necklace

A simple and easy to make a necklace for Halloween. Get some parchment paper and draw the outlines of what you want to make with white glue. Let it dry for a moment and then fill in the inside of the outline with more white glue. Let it dry for 1-2 days and then you can take your creations! You can paint them with a marker after you’re done and then make some holes on top so that you can put a string through.

You can make anything you like with this idea, but it’s best to create ghosts because the parchment paper will be semi-transparent and it would make it look more real. Draw some faces on them, too!

So, you can easily see that you don’t need a lot of things to make something you want for Halloween. Even having pom-poms and a bit of glue is enough to give people the spook you wanted.