Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Yep, Halloween is coming guys and we need to prepare for it. But carving a pumpkin and creating a complex Halloween costume is difficult for kids to do.  There are still lots of crafts that kids can do to get ready for Halloween.  Decorating is almost as much fun as going out trick or treating.

Glue pom-poms to a pumpkin

There is no need for you to hold a knife in your hands to make the pumpkin look scary. With some tacky glue and 1/4 – 1/2 inch pom-poms you can glue the pom-poms on the pumpkin to make any shape you want. It would be best if you purchased many different colors so you have lots of options, although, the one color that suits the occasion best is black of course!

Walkie-talkie pumpkin

Assuming an adult has already carved a pumpkin in shape already, you can easily put a little walkie-talkie in there. Do you imagine what you can do with it? Put the pumpkin near the pavement and SHOUT to every passenger that comes by! You can also try laughing to give them the chills down their spines too! Probably the best idea to try out for Halloween. Just don’t try doing that to old people!

Paint a pumpkin

Featuring the classic, spooky-scary pumpkins again, painting a pumpkin is actually easier than gluing pom-poms to it. Simply choose a pumpkin that has a mostly even surface, clean it, and then apply acrylic paint. It could help if you cut the shape you want to paint on paper with scissors. That way you will not make mistakes easily and you will get exactly the result you want.

Easy as that! Just make sure you put some newspapers below the pumpkin and around. so that your things stay the same color!

Parchment paper necklace

A simple and easy to make a necklace for Halloween. Get some parchment paper and draw the outlines of what you want to make with white glue. Let it dry for a moment and then fill in the inside of the outline with more white glue. Let it dry for 1-2 days and then you can take your creations! You can paint them with a marker after you’re done and then make some holes on top so that you can put a string through.

You can make anything you like with this idea, but it’s best to create ghosts because the parchment paper will be semi-transparent and it would make it look more real. Draw some faces on them, too!

So, you can easily see that you don’t need a lot of things to make something you want for Halloween. Even having pom-poms and a bit of glue is enough to give people the spook you wanted.