What Is Chronic Blushing & How Can It Be Cured?

You have seen people blush. Perhaps you have blushed, once or twice yourself?

We all know how it feels-whether from just receiving a compliment, emotional stress or embarrassment.

Probably worse than blushing itself is knowing everybody else is seeing the physical evidence of your discomfort that inconveniently functions to redden your face further.

It is thought that constant blushing is a severe problem for about 5% of people.

The effects may be devastating. Chronic blushing ( Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema) is not the normal blushing we are used seeing on movies and TV.

Chronic blushing isn’t only a physical problem, but it’s also a psychological one. For example, in the year 2012, 20-year old one student in Washington found the effects of blushing so debilitating that he opted to commit suicide.


Chronic Blushing: Solutions

There are different options available for blushers, depending upon the cause and severity. Cognitive behavioral therapy may help eliminate stressful and unwanted thoughts, green-color corrective makeup (used to counteract the red), breathing techniques used to induce calm, and medications like SSRIs and beta blockers for those people who blush because of social anxiety.


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