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5 Coupon Sites that Will Save You Money

Everyone wants to save money, especially when you have a family and other people to take care of. If you’ve seen the show: “Extreme Couponing”: on TV you might either be motivated to start or you might be encouraged to do more seeing how these coupon queens on TV can manage to get away with grocery shopping worth hundreds of dollars absolutely free. Most people who are into coupons, get the printed versions from newspapers and magazines, but seeing that print media is dwindling because of the growing use of the internet, there are coupon sites with c great offers on the web.

There are lots of coupon sites on the web as well as apps that make finding deals and discounts easier. There is a large number of these sites, but only a few that are great at delivering what you need.  Here is a video on how to get and use printable coupons.

Here are five of the best couponing sites:


This is one of the earliest couponing sites. It is one of the three older sites that new and upcoming sites often refer to because it lists deals and discounts faster. The downside is that is a U.S. only site, so all the deals and discounts will be at U.S based retailers.

#2. Smart Source

This is the second oldest site that feeds data to other smaller websites. When you go to this site and enter your zip code, it will show you the deals in your particular area. You can print the coupons and use the at your local stores

#3. ValPak

This is another site that lists coupons based on your zip code. It works like those local circulars people used to get in their community papers. Unfortunately, community papers are also becoming extinct because of the Internet.

#4. Retail Me Not

Couponing has evolved with technology. Now, instead of printing and cutting out a coupon, you can get a coupon code on specials at various stores. Retail Me Not offers codes as coupons, you can decide which one you prefer, however, a lot of retailers are jumping on the coupon code wagon so, it is good to find a site like this to help you make the transition as well.

#5. Slick Deals

This is an active forum with members who share their experience as well as information on deals. If a coupon deal or a promo code is worth the trouble, members will give it a thumb up or a thumb down. The deals that appear on the site are the ones that have been approved by members.
Couponing is no longer restricted to groceries. There are deals and promos for clothing, computers, furniture, electrical appliances and virtually anything that is sold online or at your local retail store.

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